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Michele Yue is a designer (Shopnonhuman) and DJ born and raised in Houston TX and currently based in Brooklyn NY.  Her music taste is heavily influenced by growing up in Houston, watching MTV and BET religiously after school, and going to raves as a teenager. She was formerly known half of Matsu Mixu (Manimal Vinyl 2016)

Today, she integrates her eclectic style and dance training into her performances. She is inspired by raw emotion and the universal spiritual journey.  Her sets, designed create an emotional climax, are a diverse mixture of hard techno, hard drum, future club, hip hop, R&B, and pop.

In 2018, Michele threw “Le Rouge” in Houston, which showcased Fecal Matter, House of Kenzo, Perth Records’ Perth Daijing, and Rabit (Halcyon Veil).

In 2019, she has supported Yeule, Sadaf, Joselo (Maricon), Ledef (House of Kenzo), Rabit (Halcyon Veil), Total Freedom, DJ Swisha, Princess Peggie, SXYLK, and Antpuke (Club Carry). Currently, she spins at a monthly at Rebecca’s in Brooklyn and hosts other DJs and performers.  

In 2019, Michele Yue began to integrate burlesque performance into her live sets. Her vision is to transcend the art of DJing into not only a sonic symphony, but a visual and sensual experience as well.